Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Design of a multiple classifier system based on behavior diversity    Ph.D    Salkhordeh haghighi, Mohammad Mehdi    2011-05-05
2    Low bit rate video coder based on foaveted region    M.Sc.    moradian, mehdi    2011-05-08
3    Automatic skeleton estimation using motion capture data    M.Sc.    Haddadan, Shohreh    2011-10-16
4    particle detection in low contrast transparent surfaces    M.Sc.    Milanizadeh, Sarvenaz    2012-05-12
5    An extended local method for stereo image matching    M.Sc.    MooriYami, Razieh    2012-07-22
6    Single Frame Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Complete Database    M.Sc.    erfani, seyede hamideh    2012-09-30
7    Marker based Human Pose Estimation In Multi View Using Annealed PSO    M.Sc.    sharifi, ashraf    2013-09-22
8    ECG Signal Compression and Reconstruction using Compressive Sensing and Wavelet Transform    M.Sc.    hallaj, raheleh    2013-10-06
9    Robust Pedestrian Detection & Tracking in Visible-Infrared Video Sequence Fusion using Multiple Features Fusion Based on AdaBoost Algorithm    M.Sc.    Aghaei, Fatemeh    2014-06-22
10    State Estimation Based On Constraints Learning    M.Sc.    izanloo, reza    2014-10-12
11    A Geometry-Preserving Video Compression Approach to Encode Indoor Depth Image Stream    Ph.D    kiani, vahid    2014-10-15
12    Toward Indoor Range Image Compression: A Multiscale Representation Approach Based on Planar Geometric Abstraction    Ph.D    aghaee, mahdi    2014-10-16
13    Soft/hard data fusion for tracking maneuvering targets using PHD filter    Ph.D    sadooghi yazdi, mehri    2015-01-18
14    compressive video sensing based sparse representation using two dictionary    M.Sc.    tavana, ali    2015-06-14
15    Segmentation of vegetation, shadow, road and building roof in high spatial resolution optical images based on deformable models    M.Sc.    Mazruei, Marjan    2015-06-21
16    Compression of color retina images using sparse representation    M.Sc.    sanati, shirin    2015-10-11
17    Label denoising based on Bayesian aggregation    M.Sc.    Bagherzadeh, Parsa    2016-02-08
18    Data hiding: Two efficient watermarking methods for tamper detection and recovery in color and gray digital images    M.Sc.    Bolourian Haghighi, Behrouz    2016-08-30
19    ii Department of Computer Engineering Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Master's Dissertation Clustering to annotate images with the use of spatial information    M.Sc.    ZAMIRI, MONA    2016-09-06
20    Short-term traffic speed prediction using an interval type II fuzzy radial basis function neural network with an extended Kalman filter smoother and fuzzy controller    M.Sc.    anbari, fatemeh    2016-09-18
21    Noise-Robust Least Square Method for TDOA Source Location Estimation    M.Sc.    Al-asadi, Ahmed    2017-03-05
22    Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Saliency Map    M.Sc.    Al-Mohammedawi, Ali    2017-03-05
23    Optimal Camera Placement Using Sine-Cosine    M.Sc.    Fatlawi, Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Yaseen    2017-09-03
24    A multi-stream framework for human action recognition in video using a saliency map    M.Sc.    Adeli, Vida    2017-09-03
25    Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Markov Random Fields    M.Sc.    elhaminia, behnaz    2017-09-12
26    Multiple Face Detection and Tracking from Video Sequences    M.Sc.    JERYO, MOHAMMED    2017-11-26
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